Review 16

My name is Eydís. I am a physiotherapist in Iceland and I have worked with people who suffer
from chronic pain for almost 30 years.
I want to tell you a little bit about courses called Fascia Integration Therapy thought by Ernst van
der Wijk and Alexander Kudus physiotherapists from the Netherlands
Five years ago I started to read and learn about fascia and how it can be involved in complex
chronic pain syndromes. A new world opened up for me when I began to understand better and
achieve better results with my clients. Fascia Integration Therapy courses are specifically
designed for us physiotherapists. Ernst has been to Iceland twice to teach and now there are two
groups studying with him and two more in the making.
Ernst is a great teacher. He explains the academic side very well and has the science fully behind
it. The courses are well organized and a mixture of academic and practical. The practical part is
just like getting the anatomy in your fingers. He teaches us to feel for and find trigger points and

stiffness in the web and gives detailed instructions on how to release the tension and liquify the
fascia. The content of the course covers the whole spectrum of rehabilitation as we are also
thought how to train and build up strong and resilient fascia system. I was also very impressed
by the simple jet very informative assessment protocol of the whole fascia system and how he
links the content of the course to our lifestyle in a holistic manner.
I can highly recommend Fascia Integration Therapy courses and my colleagues in Iceland have
been very pleased. If you want to understand better and achieve better results with your chronic
pain patients don´t hesitate. These courses are definatly worth your attention and attendance.
All the best to you from Iceland.

Eydís Valgarðsdóttir
Certified Physiotherapist
Feb 2020