To understand the FIT live courses the minimum entry-level is on a physiotherapy/physical therapist degree. It means you know how the anatomy and physiology of the movement apparatus works.

The online courses are made for skilled hands-on therapist/rehab trainers with good knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.  The different online courses have different topics. To understand the material well. You have to follow a certain sequence.

The online course is only accessible on one IP address. We can not make an exception to this. From this IP address, you can access the course for 1 year after the first time you have followed the course.  Due to new scientific insights, the courses will change during the year. You can see this on the output, for example, Basic course 1.0 updated with new info will be Basic course 1.1. During the year you will get an update through your mail.

The handouts given at the FIT live courses and downloads at the online courses (also accessible for the FIT live courses). Will be slightly different than what you have seen on the course. To protect our patients, will give on the handouts with no pictures of our patients.

The courses (FIT live and online) are set up, that you can directly integrate the knowledge in your daily practice.  The basic topics are assessment, treatment, training. With practical examples